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Destruction of Records


The Government Code, Section 441.158, provides that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission shall issue records retention schedules for each type of local government, including a schedule for records common to all types of local governments. The law provides further that each schedule must state the retention period prescribed by federal or state law, rule of court, or regulation for a record for which a period is prescribed; and prescribe retention periods for all other records, which periods have the same effect as if prescribed by law after the records retention schedule is adopted as a rule of the commission.

The retention period for Special Education records is:  cessation of services plus 5 years.  All records beyond the required retention timeline will periodically, throughout the year, be reviewed and destroyed unless parent/guardian or student of legal age requests that these records be maintained.  Jefferson I.S.D. Special Education records are housed at 411 E Harrison St., Jefferson, Texas.  For more information, please contact the Special Education office at 903-665-2461, ext. 6.